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Your Business, Real Estate And Family Law Solution

When it comes to owning a business, your time and energy can be stretched thin. Keeping track of finances, employees, products and other essentials can be a hassle. Additionally, selling or buying real estate is an important transaction, and you need to be sure it is fair.

Having a legal issue in any of these arenas makes achieving your goals that much more difficult. When these issues become overwhelming, you may need the legal expertise and advice of an experienced attorney.

Specializing in business law and real estate transactions as well as family law, Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can help you in many aspects of your business or personal life. Whether you are starting a new business, need help with real estate or writing an estate plan, Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, has the experience and the knowledge to lead you through these sometimes difficult legal processes.

Dedicated To You

The lawyer at Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, Katie C. Holliday, has been practicing law for over 15 years. Dedicated to her clients, she attempts to combat the confusing and overwhelming nature of the legal process in each of her practice areas. Communication is key, and she will work with you to discern your situation and produce unique legal solutions that work best for you.

Whether it relates to your business or your family, you will leave Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, knowing more about your options and your legal situation. Katie C. Holliday has the experience and the solutions to help in a wide variety of legal matters.

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Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, is in Missoula, Montana, and represents clients in Missoula, Lake, Ravalli, Cascade and Powell counties.

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