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The day of your marriage is often lauded as one of the most important days of your life. The birth of your child fulfills that sentiment, as well. Starting a family with someone brings about new adventures, new additions and new challenges. Sometimes, though, these challenges become overwhelming and the marriage must be dissolved.

Family Law

Whether your marriage is just beginning, your family is growing or your life together is ending, the attorney at Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can assist you in almost every aspect of family law. They offer services in any of the following areas:

Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, is dedicated to a solution that works for you and your family. If your relationship is ending, the firm will aim for an amicable divorce, custody agreement or property division that protects your assets.

Estate Planning

Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can also help you and your family prepare for the future through careful estate planning. Making sure your affairs are in order helps ensure your family’s peace of mind, and it can prevent the stress that may come to your family if you do not prepare.

By helping you create your estate plan, Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can help ensure that your family avoids the stressful, expensive and time-consuming process of probate.

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Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, serves families and individuals in Missoula, Montana, and the surrounding areas, including Powell, Lake, Ravalli, and Cascade counties.

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