Meeting Your Business Needs

Starting your own business and nurturing its success is a dream for many. However, it is also a difficult and time-consuming process. Assuming the seemingly infinite number of responsibilities of running a business requires dedication, perseverance and grit. Ensuring all of your matters are taken care of can cause as much stress as satisfaction, whether you own a newly formed startup or a successful and growing establishment.

Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can help you in your pursuit of a successful small business with a variety of legal services to help your business succeed. Specializing in areas of business law and commercial law, attorney Katie C. Holliday can assist you in many areas as you run your business, including:

  • Business formation
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts including employer and employee as well as medical
  • Formulating effective business solutions
  • Litigating commercial issues

Meeting Your Real Estate Needs

While starting a business is a tough venture, buying real estate for it is a different process and complicated in its own way. If you are buying or selling a business or other property, you need an attorney to ensure that the transaction is fair and legal.

In addition to business law, Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, can assist you in your real estate transactions. They can provide assistance in executing, negotiating and resolving issues that may arise with these transactions.

A Lawyer Who Works With You

Katie C. Holliday commits herself to the success of your business or real estate. Helping you find the best legal solution for your unique situation is the primary goal. She helps you resolve disputes through negotiation, arbitration, mediation or traditional courtroom litigation, depending on which method will work best for your business and your legal issue. And, she helps you avoid potential disputers through careful planning.


To get the assistance and advice of an attorney experienced in business law and real estate, call Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, at 406-552-4193 today. You can also send an email.

Carmody Holliday Legal Services, PLLC, serves businesses and individuals in Missoula, Montana, and the surrounding areas, including Powell, Lake, Ravalli and Cascade counties.

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